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Collegeville staff will ensure that all students learn at high levels.


The teachers and staff of Collegeville Elementary School believe that all children should be given the opportunity to learn and grow in order for them to become productive, respectful, self-reliant citizens within our rapidly developing and evolving global community. At Collegeville Elementary we celebrate and embrace our unique rural community, shaped by a diverse population and its multicultural attributes. We embrace the importance of bilingualism and biliteracy as a relevant skill for communication, intellectual growth, business opportunity and lifelong learning in the 21st century. It is our belief that we must help our students access and understand curriculum at grade level or better so that they can advance to the secondary level and beyond with the needed skills for academic success and positive socio-behavioral and interpersonal skills development.


For every student to have a comprehensive community centered learning environment that is safe and fosters opportunities for every child to succeed on their pathway to career and college success.

Core Values

We value Equity

  • Every adult is responsible for every student’s success
  • Every student has the opportunity to learn and successfully reach their goals
  • Every student will be engaged in the learning process

We value Excellence

  • We will recognize and celebrate excellence among students and staff members
  • We will have high expectations for ourselves and our students
  • Each student will have the opportunity to adapt and evolve into productive community members

We value Educational Effectiveness

  • Every classroom will have an engaging learning environment
  • Every learning environment will be safe
  • Every adult and student will model honesty, integrity, and respect


About The School

Collegeville - An Impressive Country School

Collegeville Elementary School has a rich history that dates back to 1889. The school’s name was derived from an actual college that occupied the land that Collegeville stands on today. In 1867 San Joaquin College, a three story building, was built on the site. The area around the college became known as Collegeville. On December 4, 1874 a fire destroyed San Joaquin College. The church that owned the land deeded half of its lot to the McKamy School District to build a new school. This new grammar school was built on the site of the former college. On April 3, 1889, the trustees of McKamy School District petitioned to change the name of the district to Collegeville School District. The petition was granted.  The cornerstone of the new school was the partnership of home, school, and community to provide a first class education.

Today Collegeville School is home to 160  students including charter students. The Escalon Charter Academy allows for students within and outside of the Escalon Unified School District to attend Collegeville School. The school is staffed with , 8 teachers, 1 administrative assistant, 4 instructional assistants, 1 food service clerk, 1 custodian and a part-time Principal.

Collegeville is a great place for all students to receive an education that is well-rounded and meets the needs of the whole child. All students receive instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, and Physical Education. Five years ago the school started an After School Program (ASP). The ASP is staffed with an additional five employees. Currently, over 100 students are enrolled in the ASP. Students receive homework support, small group reading instruction, physical education, enrichment activities, and healthy snacks as part of this program.

The Collegeville Staff recognizes that parent involvement is an essential part of a successful school and encourages it in a variety of ways. Our staff invites all parents to volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis. The school hosts a variety of parent events throughout the year to unify the partnership between home and school. These events include but are not limited to Family Reading Night, Science Night, Math Night, Back to School, and Open House. Spanish translation and childcare is provided for all of our events in order to encourage parent attendance.

Parents at Collegeville School take enormous pride in their school. Volunteers consistently participate in the school program by working in classrooms, organizing special events and participating in the highly supportive and active Parent Teacher Club. The Parent Teacher Club makes it possible for the students at Collegeville to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including field trips, throughout the year. All fundraiser proceeds go directly to the students of the school.

The Collegeville Community has always valued education, community, family, and most importantly its students. Every Friday morning, at the start of the school day, all students, staff, and many parents gather around the flagpole. The Pledge of Allegiance is recited, many honors and announcement are made, and the final activity is the singing of the Collegeville Elementary School Song. The conclusion of the Collegeville song states…”We are Collegeville an impressive country school!”