Academics » Recommended Classroom Supplies by Grade Level

Recommended Classroom Supplies by Grade Level

TK & Kindergarten

Hand sanitizer

Box of Kleenex

College ruled Spiral Notebooks (minimum 70)

Art supplies(big crayons, markers)

Zip lock bags (any size from snack to gallon)

Clorox Wipes

Extra snacks

Glue sticks

Thin dry erase expo markers for student use

TK & K Wish list

Water color set (primary colors)

Paper plates

Mini cups

Child-size socks


Play dough (Play doh brand)

Post it notes (any size and color)

First Grade
24 count Crayola crayons (only 24, please)
12 #2 pencils
Hard plastic pencil box (5' x 8.5", no larger as it needs to fit into desk)
12 count Crayola markers (fine tip, classic colors)
Glue sticks (1.4 ounce or 3 pack)
Large pink eraser
Expo whiteboard markers (fine-tip 4 pack) black preferred
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
For Classroom Use
Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer (large size)
Box of Kleenex
Resealable bags (sandwich, snack, quart or gallon size)
Second Grade

#2 pencils

Large pink erasers

Glue sticks

Crayola markers 

Crayola crayons

Expo whiteboard markers (black preferred)



Donations wishlist:

Hand sanitizer 

Resealable bags (sandwich, snack size)

Box of Kleenex

Third Grade
Whiteboard markers (black or blue chisel tip)
Washcloth or sock (for cleaning whiteboard)
Glue sticks
1 highlighter
1 pkg. 16 Crayola crayons
Pencil sharpener with lid
Wishlist for donation to the class:
Crayola markers
Pink erasers
Crayola crayons
Clorox wipes
Fourth Grade

4      composition books

12    #2 pencils

1      box of 12 colored pencils

1      box of 24 crayons

2      pink erasers

4      glue sticks

1      white school glue

1      package lined 3-hole binder paper

1      12" ruler with centimeters

2      2-pocket folders with 3 holes

1      box tissues

1      hand sanitizer

1      disinfectant wipes

Fifth Grade
Glue Sticks (6 ct)
Penciles (18 ct)
Erasers (3 ct)
12 inch ruler
Kleenex tissues (1 box)
Hand sanitizer (1 bottle)
Composition notebooks (2)