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  • A video of a song that is written by Ms. Blevins to the tune of 5:54 We Love Collegeville

    WARNING: I am NOT a singer, but I am a teacher with feelings. Here is my attempt to say goodbye.

    Uploaded May 27, 2020 by Emily Blevins
  • Mensaje para nuestros estudiantes 1:12 Mensajes a nuestros estudiantes de Collegeville

    Uploaded Apr 10, 2020 by Tulia Cobian
  • 4/8 Day #3 4:59 4/8 Day #3

    Just wanted to follow up my video message with a written one. Before our next live Zoom Class on Monday, 4/20 at 10:00 am, students need to:
    1. Finish activities #1-5 on SeeSaw. These should be completed in order before doing any of the other assignments.
    2. Finish the letter to essential workers and the "How Do Our Ears Hear?" assignments on SeeSaw
    3. Finish the daily journal for April 6-9 on SeeSaw.
    4. Spend at least 30 minutes a day on ST Math
    5. Read at least 30 minutes a day
    6. Gather the following items for science activities the week of 4/20:
    -toilet paper or paper towel tube
    -2-3 rubber bands
    -at least one plastic drinking straw; if you can get 9 straws that's even better!
    -4" x 4" piece of wax paper or other thin paper
    -tape of any kind
    I will send the next Zoom meeting information for our live class on 4/20 toward the end of next week. So far I am seeing some great effort with the digital work. So proud of my students!

    Uploaded Apr 08, 2020

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